Sleep Consulting

Why is 
"sleep like a baby" even a phrase?


Sufficient sleep for the entire family is key for health and wellness. When baby isn't sleep well it can quickly escalate into further elusive rest and challenging times for all involved.

Nanny Nod is a full-service sleep solution

As a team we offer consultations, individually tailored Sleep Training Plans for baby, and personal by-your-side support during these most challenging phases of parenthood.


From infancy         -

Good habits start early. Rhythms, routines, regularity
are a few things that tend to keep our little ones asleep.

To age 3

Our toddlers need their rest & bad habits can be hard to break.

Whether it's naps or nighttime rest, no inquiry is too big or small. We delicately approach every circumstance believing there's no one-size-fits-all sleep solution strategy.  Our hands-on approach includes an in-depth consultation and assessment. We would love to meet your family, learn baby, learn sleep habits, sleep environments, and challenges. 

Every child and circumstance is unique and we embrace the individuality. 

From there we create a individually tailored Sleep Training Plan for your little one and offer support in executing the strategy and through follow-up.

Why Nanny Nod?

"It takes a village..."

Nanny Nod is proud to be a part of your "village" during this time in your child's life.

Support & Care... what makes Nanny Nod so distinct.

We personally understand how extended sleep deprivation can change the home's environmental thermostat, and empathize deeply. You never have to feel alone in this transitional period. 

We care for baby and equally support the family during the entire process.

With a combined 20+ years of nannying, solving sleep concerns, and personal maternal experience, we are confident and passionate about building a bridge to better sleep for every family.

Sleep Consulting Packages

Expectant Parent Package

When you're expecting, it's easily to feel overwhelmed with overabundance of advice from family... friends.,. parents who raised babies decades ago... the internet. A baby planner can assist in simplifying the experience by providing the necessary, most up-to-date resources for you and your growing family. Our customized package covers everything from necessary baby items and registry checklist, breastfeeding support, bottle tips, safety awareness, eco-friendly options, baby-wearing 101, baby-proofing information, child birth education class referrals, creating the perfect space for baby, emotional support postpartum. We're excited about your new addition and want to make your transition as smooth and simple as possible.

Basic Sleep Package

Phone, Skype/FaceTime, or in-home consultation. We thoroughly discuss your goals as well as assess your child's medical, diet and immediate family history. Next step is creation of a personalized plan for your child. Upon start date of the plan, (within a week from consult) included is 14 days of text/email support (up to 10 emails).

Premier Sleep Package

Our most popular package. We understand sleep training can be a lot to undertake. This customizable package offers all benefits of the Basic Consultation and includes an even greater hands-on approach. One of our associates schedules an in-home demonstration of your personalized plan and/or, option to be present as part of your team for planned sleep training nights. Also included is phone, text/email support for 21 days to ensure your family feels confident during the sleep training process.

One Time Consultation

Have the hang of sleep training but would like to ensure you're on the right path?  Sleep regression getting the best of you? This package is perfect for you. It consists of a one time, one hour consultation where we discuss all your concerns and get you and your little one back on track.

Continued Support Package

This option is available when you've finished your previous package but have a few more questions. It includes an extra 5 emails and 2 phone calls to further support you and your family.

Packages start at $150

Ready to make sleep a priority at home?

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