We Love What We Do

Founded by Erin and Kristin, 2 high-profile NYC nannies and all around baby whisperers, Nanny Nod is a full service infant/toddler sleep consultancy.

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The site also provides an inside view to the life and workings of nanny elites - the "other mothers" of NYC. It's a great resource with tips and tools for parents and caretakers regarding all things baby/toddler upbringing including stories and wisdom from personal experience in the field. The blog also includes product reviews, anecdotes, and above all encouragement for the modern-day parent.

Our Awesome Authors

Erin & Kristin came together 6 years ago - bonding over a common passion for little humans. During years of nanny experience the pair identified a common  challenge in a majority of client homes with young children - the need for support in sleep for all. The team has dedicated their practice to aiding in the solution of baby sleep, so that all can sleep.

Erin Mariotti

Erin is co-founder of nanny nod, has over 20 years experience taking care of babies, doula training under belt, lactation knowledge and experience, and is mother to one toddler. After years of helping babies form healthy sleep habits she experienced firsthand what a severely sleep-deprived mother goes through and has become passionate about serving other families in their time of need. Erin believes in coming alongside as a teammate, sensitive to the energy of home and personality of family, catering to parents needs and desires for baby. She listens with compassion, is empathetic, intuitive, and deeply devoted. Her mission is the best life start for baby, and health and wellness for all.

Kristin Stennis

Co-founder Kristin cannot remember a time where she wasn’t happily surrounded by children. Born the third of seven in Chicago, her love for children would be considered both inherent and inevitable. At the age of 18, Kristin partnered with her family in helping to raise 3 infant cousins, twin boys and their younger brother. She affectionately calls them “my 3 sons”. After having a successful career as a nanny in Chicago, Kristin moved to NY to broaden her horizons. Her outgoing personality and intuitiveness has been instrumental in her ability to uniquely connect with children and parents. Kristin’s professional background in theatre and the arts has enhanced her ability to be creative, empathetic, and a collaborator. She counts it a huge privilege to support families on their individual journey.